What To Know When Switching To A Clean Beauty Routine

Here at BondiChic, we use only non-toxic, safe ingredients that are healthy for your skin and body. We understand the importance of avoiding synthetic chemicals for the optimal health of your skin and body in the long-term. While clean, green, clean skincare routines are a huge up-and-coming trend (the Organic Beauty Market is expected to reach US$22 billion by 2024), you may still be wondering about the true benefits or how your skin will feel in both the short-term and long-term if you decide to make the switch.

As “greenwashing” is now a big problem in the beauty industry, it is important to learn how to read product ingredients and know which ones are good and bad for you. It’s important to know what ingredients to look out for and avoid altogether, and which ones work best for your skin.


Short-Term Impacts

In the short-term, switching to a clean and green beauty routine may seem like a difficult task that may not provide you with immediate positive results. Unlike chemical formulas, natural skincare products are less likely to burn or sting your face, which you might prefer your products to do so you know they’re working! We recommend making the switch to a clean beauty routine in over a short period of time, to properly detox your skin from all the nasty chemicals and get all the benefits in the same time period.

Detoxing your skin may also lead to some side effects, such as redness, dry skin and breakouts, which might be deterring for you to continue with clean beauty products. Don’t be tempted to jump straight back into your old products! This period of detox is important for your skin, as it is purging out the toxins and chemicals from your old products. Wait at least 2-4 weeks when using clean beauty products for your skin to properly clean itself out and to be able to see the transformative power of clean, green beauty.


Long-Term Impacts

In the long-term, your new clean beauty routine will be greatly benefiting your skin and the environment. As most ingredients that are put onto the skin are absorbed into the body, your body will be less contaminated with toxic chemical ingredients and less likely to develop related health issues. Over a long period of time, you can grow your collection of clean beauty products and ditch the chemical ones to create a new skincare collection and routine. By using non-toxic skincare, your skin will be drinking all only clean and pure ingredients that are healthy for the skin.
Clean beauty products often have more than one purpose which allows you to save time and space. You may also find that a clean routine improves your skin overall and makes you less susceptible to breakouts and irritations, meaning you spend less on products to counter-act the negative impacts of chemical ingredients.

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