What is an Essence Serum, anyway?

With many beauty products on the market, it’s hard to find which ones you need and which one’s you don’t.

An essence originally started in Asia is a cult beauty product and an essential step in most K-Beauty routines. Essence are highly concentrated formulas to hydrate and brighten the skin and strengthen your overall skin complexion. Whereas, a serum is a lightweight skincare product that delivers powerful nutrients and ingredients directly into the depths of your skin. At BondiChic, we’ve simplified your skincare routine for you by creating a multi-purpose product to provide your skin with daily hydration, protection and nourishment. Our Four Seasons Bio Enzyme Essence Serum is a multi-functioning product that works to hydrate, strengthen and even out the skin tone.

After cleansing, apply our Four Seasons Bio Enzyme Essence Serum directly onto the skin. The water-like consistency will instantly absorb into the skin and give your skin daily hydration boost and restore your skin’s Ph levels. It is the perfect product to prep and leave your skin ready for skincare layering. After applying your essence serum, you can apply your moisturiser, sunscreen and face oils.

With powerful ingredients such as glycolic acid to remove dead skills and white peony extract to revitalise dull skin, this lightweight essence serum works to leave your skin feeling soft and renewed. We’ve also added one of our superhero ingredients, Kakadu Plum to brighten and correct uneven skin tone.

For glowing skin, an essence serum is an essential step into your skincare routine to give your skin maximum hydration and correct and balance out your skin tone.

Sounds like the perfect product for you? Find out more about the benefits of using Four Seasons Bio Enzyme Essence Serum.