The Rise in ‘A-Beauty’

With a focus on simplicity, natural ingredients and a hassle-free skincare routine, ‘A-Beauty’, or Australian beauty, is the newest up-and-coming trend for skincare products. A-Beauty is a new trend, following the footsteps of K-Beauty and J-Beauty, Korean and Japanese products and regimes that captivated the beauty industry with multiple steps, products and unique chemical ingredients.


With the abundance of natural ingredients, we have here in Australia, why fill our products with any nasties? A-Beauty advocates for nontoxic, green beauty formulations and the use of natural botanical ingredients. They contain native Australian ingredients such as Kakadu plum, Quandong, Finger Limes and Davidson plum, powerful ingredients with effective properties discovered in the unique Australian environment.

At BondiChic, we agree that these harsh chemicals should not be used on the skin, so we only offer you the best natural and green chemical ingredients to help your skin in the best, most sustainable and effective way. BondiChic products contain 7 Native Australian ingredients – Kangaroo Apple, Kakadu Plum, Blue Mountains Spring Water, Davidson Plum, Emu Apple, Finger Limes and Quandong – to provide you with products abundant in Vitamin C and antioxidants to nourish and repair your skin. These important ingredients have anti-aging, skin firming, anti-pollution and hydrating benefits!


A-Beauty products contain sunscreen to protect against the harsh Australian summer sun, which people are realising more and more is a necessity in a skincare routine for keeping skin healthy and to prevent premature ageing. Combining moisturiser with sunscreen, our multi-tasking True Blue Urban Multi-Defence with SPF15 is a natural way to protect yourself from UV Rays and hydrate your skin in one. With rapid absorption into the skin, our Bio Enzyme Essence Serum is another practical choice for Australians on the go for softening and hydrating the skin.


A-Beauty encompasses Australian values and habits, such as keeping ingredients and steps simple and hassle-free. Unlike K-Beauty and J-Beauty, minimal steps in a skincare and beauty routine is the uncomplicated approach that Australians want. Easy to understand steps, names, ingredients and effects are praised by Aussies, who want their skincare to fit easily into their busy schedules.

A-Beauty focuses on the natural – ingredients, chemicals, but also the natural YOU. With no focus on one ideal look for beauty, it encourages you to love your skin and love yourself, and to feel beautiful in your own way. BondiChic proudly holds these same wishes, we hope that we can help you feel amazing in your natural skin.