How To Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

Coming into colder months, it is important that we consider the changes that temperature and season can have on our skin and up-the-ante with our skincare regimen as a result. Colder temperatures, lower humidity, stronger winds and more exposure to heating and air-conditioning can lead to dried out, cracked skin that can barely catch a break! However, it’s possible to treat your skin with the right ingredients, products and TLC.

  1. Hydration

Cold weather can lead to a decrease in our water intake, and this is when our skin is most easily stripped of moisture. Hydrating yourself by drinking plenty of water is an easy way to keep your skin from drying out in winter. If you’re struggling to consume enough water, teas and infused waters are perfect for warming you up and making your water more exciting!

  1. Exfoliation

Although exfoliating might seem like a bad idea when your skin is dry and cracked, it can actually help with skin cell regeneration. When followed by a moisturiser, such as BondiChic’s Four Seasons REJUVEN8 Cream, your skin will feel fresher and noticeably smoother, easier to manage, and firmer. But remember! Always listen to your skin, and if exfoliation causes irritation or is too harsh, swap to a softer exfoliating product or skip it all together and stick with moisturiser.

  1. Moisturise

If your skin is dry and brittle, it would be wise to swap to a thicker moisturising cream, such as a night mask that can coat and lock in moisture while you sleep. Our Envi Hydrating Moisurising cream is designed for use at night or as a mask, for intense hydration and repair that also prevents aging and creates brighter and firmer skin. For a lighter moisturiser, try our REJUVEN8 Cream to feel revitalised and replenished.

  1. Short showers  

While long, hot showers may be the best feeling after a long day in the cold, limiting the length and reducing the temperature is very beneficial for your skin. Hot water can dehydrate, and strip away necessary oils from the skin that lock in moisture. This can leave your skin feeling dry, too tight, and even red and itchy! Reach for BondiChic’s Spring Water Hydrating Mist and Bio Enzyme Essence Serum to help reset the hydration of your skin and soothe, leaving you feeling soft and renewed. It is important to use moisturising products as soon as you finish showering for best results.

You can also swap to gentler body washes during winter to avoid drying out your skin further, such as BondiKidz Anti-Pollution Head to Toe Wash, designed to not irritate those with sensitive or youthful skin. This wash, gentle on skin and hair, is designed to provide moisture while building resistance and cleansing from environmental contaminants.

  1. Heaters and aircon

Drying out your skin and lips, hot air causes blood vessels to dilate which can cause itchiness and dehydrate your skin. Moisturising frequently and even installing a humidifier in your home can help dramatically to restore hydration in your skin.

  1. Sunscreen

Just because you can’t feel the sun burning your skin as much as you can in summer, doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you. Applying sunscreen with SPF15+ daily is a great way to limit sun damage which can cause dry skin, as well as being a top contributor to early signs of aging! BondiChic’s Urban Multi Defence Moisturiser with SPF15 is a perfect addition to your skincare routine all year round, with Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey for moisture, damage repair, and fighting aging.