How To: Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is something that everyone desires in their skincare routine. Although there are many external factors that impact the health of our skin, it is still possible to achieve a natural radiance without the assistance of foundations, concealers, and highlighters. 


  1. Take care of your skin every day

One sure-fire way to get clear and glowing skin is to take care of it regularly! While it might sound obvious, putting effort into finding a skincare routine that works for you and is easy to stick to is the most effective way to help your skin be at its best. It doesn’t always mean buying the most expensive and biggest collection of products either. One product we recommend for hydrating your skin and making it glow is our Blue Mountains Spring Water Hydrating Mist with Kakadu Plum. You can simply spray this mist under or over makeup for added hydration or mist anytime during the day your skin is feeling tight and dry.  Being a fine mist, you can wear this over makeup for some added hydration and natural glow. 


  1. Exercise 

Sweating removes toxins from the skin and increases blood flow, which delivers essential nutrients, hormones and increased oxygen to the skin. Exercising can result in a more even skin tone, a glowing complexion, and reduced puffiness in the face and body. It has even been discovered that exercising can reverse skin aging, and those regularly exercising appear much younger than other people in their age bracket. 


  1. Always wear sunscreen

The solution to all skincare questions usually has something to do with SPF, and getting glowing skin is no exception. Sun exposure is the fastest way to age your skin and make it look dry and dull, so wearing SPF daily on your face and neck, even when you’re not planning to be in the sun a lot, is vital for skin health. Incorporate SPF easily into your skincare routine with BondiChic’s Urban Multi Defence Moisturiser with SPF15. 


  1. Avoiding overexposure to environmental stressors 

While this may be more difficult than the other suggestions for glowing skin, limiting your exposure to heaters and air-conditioning, low humidity air, and steam from long, hot showers or baths will prevent natural oils from being stripped from your face and removing your natural glow. If it’s hard for you to escape dry air or cut back your showers, a serum and moisturiser combination is perfect for replenishing your skin with nutrients and restoring hydration. Apply our Bio Essence Enzyme Serum and let it dry, then follow it up with our REJUVEN8 Cream in the daytime or our Envi Hydrating Night Moisturiser for intense overnight hydration. 


  1. Drink more water

If you feel your face is lacking hydration and glow, make sure to increase your water intake and drink the recommended amount of 2-3L per day. 2-3L of water per day is recommended for better skin and hydration of your overall body, which improves the function of all organs and systems. 

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