A Guide to Looking at Skincare Labels

With so many exciting new innovations in the beauty and skincare industry, sometimes it’s just hard to keep up. With so many brands going down the natural/green/organic/vegan route, we decided to break it down for you and highlight the four things you need to know when checking out skincare labels.


1. Ingredients are listed from highest concentration to lowest concentration

The ingredients are always listed from highest concentration to lowest concentration. For example, if you are looking for a product that is full of Vitamin C, make sure key ingredients such as Kakadu Plum are at the top of the ingredient list. Be wary of some brands promoting certain hero ingredients, only for it to be listed at the bottom of the ingredients list.

In addition, check out what is on the top of the ingredients. If toxic ingredients such as alcohol are at the top of the ingredients list, it might be good to ditch that product and look for a safer, healthier and non-toxic alternative.


2. Check for the expiry dates

Products that are 100% organic tend to expire a lot quicker so make sure to check the jar symbol with the words 3M, 6M, 12M or 24M. make sure your skincare is fresh when you apply it and always check for the expiry date. Adding expired products to your skin will only cause irritation and skin issues.


3. Look for the bunny symbol

To verify that a brand is cruelty-free, make sure that you look for the bunny symbol. A lot of brands are cruelty-free, including us! Cruelty-free products are a lot gentler and safer for the skin, which is great for those who have sensitive skin and skin issues.


4. Know the difference between natural, organic and vegan.

A lot of brands claim to be 100% natural even if they only include one natural ingredient in their product. This is because the skincare industry is not regulated and brands can get away with calling their products natural, even if it only has one natural ingredient in it. When reading skincare labels, make sure to read the words 100% vegan or 100% organic before purchasing a product. To be safe, avoid toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances and colour and alcohol.

At BondiChic, we are committed to bringing you the best in clean skincare, so our products are certified cruelty-free, clean and 100% non-toxic. You can see our full list of ingredients here and shop for products here.