Discover Green Beauty

Green Beauty has been on the rise over the past decade, now available in every skincare and beauty aisle in the mainstream retailers. As consumers have become growingly concerned with the environmental,their health, and unethical production, ingredients in many skincare and beauty products are being questioned. Brands used to get away with incorporating toxic ingredients into their products, whether harmful to the environment or to the human body in the long-term. Now, consumers are demanding transparency and honesty in production processes and ingredients.

What is Green Beauty?

Green beauty encompasses the concept of natural skincare made with naturally-derived ingredients, without the use of toxic chemicals that will harm the body and the environment. Instead, Green beauty products are produced using natural, safe and organic materials. This beauty trend follows the rise in health-and-environmentally-conscious consumers, selecting organic, ethical, non-GMO grocery products, and purchasing clothes from ethical that steer clear of child labour.  

But aren’t Green Beauty, Clean Beauty and Organic/Natural Beauty the same thing?

The confusion here comes from the fact that there is no legislation regarding the exact definitions of Green, Clean, Organic or Natural beauty. This means there are no real rules as to what can, and cannot, be labelled accordingly. However, the general understanding of the differentiation between the three types are as follows.  

Clean Beauty tends to be defined as beauty with a general health-focus, incorporating non-toxic, non-harmful substances. It steers clear of toxic or carcinogenic ingredients, or chemicals that cause harm to the environment. However, some safe chemicals and synthetic ingredients are still used for purposes to enhance odours, act as binders or stabilizers, and increase the product’s shelf life.

Natural and Organic Beauty are often used interchangeably. These terms generally involve beauty products that are sourced from natural ingredients, including organically-farmed ingredients that are grown without the use of harmful herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or genetic-modification. However, a product is only truly, verified organic if labelled as ‘certified organic’, as products can still be claimed and labelled as ‘organic’ when using only one singular organic ingredient.

Green Beauty incorporates a mix of the two. It brings together the concepts of organic, natural and clean beauty, to create a healthy, ethical and environmental focus. It uses naturally-sourced ingredients, environmentally-friendly packaging and processes, and non-harmful and non-controversial chemicals.

Why use Green Beauty?

By including Green Beauty products in your skincare regimen, you will be doing your part in taking care of the environment, while feeding your body healthy products to experience the benefits of glowing, healthy skin as a result. If you’re interested in incorporating Green Beauty products into your skincare routine, shop our website and feel the transformative nature of clean ingredients for yourself!