Children have skin that's sensitive and requires extra layers of protection. It’s for this reason that the team at BondiChic has developed BondiKidz. As a natural kids skin care range, BondiKidz includes a soothing head-to-toe wash and a child-friendly cleanser. If you’re looking for a facial cleanser for kids, turning to our range can help you keep your little one's sensitive skin stay safe.

Choosing the right kids skin care range

We believe that the best kids’ skin care ranges incorporate natural and green ingredients into their products. As your child develops, minimising the amount of time they spend exposed to synthetic chemicals will benefit their health. BondiKidz Foaming Cleanser and Head to Toe Wash can help your child's skin stay safe and clean in one of the most natural ways possible. Our head-to-toe body wash features a purifying and soothing combination of ingredients such as papaya and green tea, complete with a sudsy finish that kids love.

If you're seeking a face cleanser for kids, try our cleanser instead. Its mild and purifying nature utilises beta carotene to keep harmful pollutants at bay, allowing your child to mobilise their body’s natural moisturising properties.

Your little ones and their skin

In addition to helping your kids stay clean, our kids skin care range will help them feel their best. Using our expertise and knowledge of science, we select ingredients that protect active children.

To learn more about our children’s skin care selection, call us on +61 2 8904 2000 or complete our contact form.